Computer Consulting

Why belldeX?

Here are some of the most common services we provide:

  1. IT computer network support to improve your organization and provide direction for your technology needs
  2. DevOps.
  3. Puppet automation.
  4. Wired and/or wireless network design and implementation
  5. Linux Servers
  6. Window Servers (e.g. Exchange, File Share, SharePoint, SQL)
  7. Network security
  8. VPN for remote computers or satellite offices
  9. Application development
  10. Systems integration
  11. Network Monitoring.  We put the system in place where we know before something goes wrong.
  12. Backup & disaster recovery

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Outsourcing benefits

There are times that it makes sense for a business to have its own IT department.  To demonstrate appreciation for your IT staff, in many cases the solution lies in partnering with a local reliable, reputable and expert IT provider for day-to-day and special projects needs.  Belldex is exactly your source of out-sourcing.  Here are some benefits to outsourcing with our company:

  1. Fixed monthly computer & network support rate or you pay as you go to fulfill your IT project nees
  2. No sick pay or vacation pay
  3. No payroll taxes
  4. No healthcare premium costs
  5. No hiring and firing costs
  6. No training costs
  7. No office space allocation

When your business networks with our company you will also have the benefit of receiving prompt high quality consulting and manged services.  We take our Network and consulting work and your business’ up-time very seriously.

Here are some of the projects our clients hire us for:

1.  Audit current network and systems to identify problem areas and to implement new technology

2.  Build new network from the ground up.

3.  Surgically separate existing networks.

4.  Connect satellite offices via secure VPN.

5.  Implement new or upgrade Exchange or other mail servers

6.  Implement new or upgrade SQL databases and servers.

7.  Change IP methodology and upgrade to new router and or firewall.

8.  Secure file and data sharing.

9.  [Enter your needs here and please contact us on the Contact page]

Whatever your computers related technology needs may be, before you make that big decision and invest in that expensive software or hardware, talk to us.  We may have the solution that will be exactly what you seek at a cost lower than you anticipated.