Infrastructure developement

Infrastructure Development

Build your IT on sound foundation. Without solid planning and structure your business cannot remain secure or grow as hoped.

Based on your needs typical infrastructure projects will include some or all of these technologies:

  1. DNS and DHCP implemention
  2. Centralized Antivirus
  3. Centralized updating service
  4. Automation of server installations
  5. Mail server
  6. Spam filter
  7. LAN and WAN design or overhaul
  8. Firewall
  9. Wireless networking
  10. Monitoring
  11. Single Sign-On
  12. Management implementation.

Step 1: Vision & ideas

We will sit down with you for an hour of free consultation and discuss your vision and business model, your immediate and long term marketing plan and strategies and whatever else we can find out that will contribute to a quality, security, expandability and design.

We will then share our insight and expertise that we have gained over the years and answer your questions and concerns on various topics

At the completion of this stage we will also provide you with a estimates of time-frame to complete the project and a quote on cost.  We realize your business is very important to you have choices.

Step 2: Plan & Design

We would be honored if you choose to entrust this very important task to us.  Once we have agreed on points mentioned in step 1, we will begin the audit and planning phase followed by design.

Step 3: LAN/WAN build

Based on the size of the project, we will divide the project in phases and set time frame for the completion of each phase.

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