Vulnerability Assessment

According to the US Military sources, “vulnerability is the intersection of three elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, attacker access to the flaw, and attacker capability to exploit the flaw”. The worst scenario are those who are not aware that they have been compromised. As an example, years ago, we were retained by an accounting firm to restructure their network. The first thing we discovered was that they were using wireless networking with no password to their access point. All the files on their computer was visible to anyone in that building.

When you retain IT services of Belldex, right away you will benefit from vulnerability assessment as part of our network audit.  We will identify all the security holes that currently exists and recommend measures that need to be taken prevent to prevent a security breach in the future.

Managed Firewalls

Whether you are a small company of 5 workstations or a mid-sized organization of 500 you must protect your network.  You will be surprised to learn how many networks in Tucson are inadequately protected.  Making their network and company data virtually vulnerable to hackers.  Our experience has shown in most cases the most effective solution for a small office will be an all-in-one managed firewall or a combination of firewall, mail and web filter to protect devices from fishing, ransomware and viruses.  It is not uncommon for a server or computer to be infected by ransomware, where the hard drive is encrypted and perpetrators demand a ransom for the encryption code.

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