DNS Tools

As a courtesy to to our clients in Tucson and elsewhere, we are sharing this page which contains some frequently used Internet, Network, DNS and systems administration tools by belldeX staff.  You may want to perform some basic troubleshooting and see if you can pinpoint your issue.  You will see in the below display, your IP address as well as your operating system and the type of browser you are using.  Tools provided below are “as-is” and are not a substitute for expert troubleshooting.  The accuracy of these tools depends on many factors including your firewall settings.

How to find my IP

Here are some of the tools belldeX staff use regularly and now available conveniently in one place for you to use as well: network DNS systems administration tools, Hostname test, MX lookup, SPF lookup, Blacklist check, Reverse DNS, Ping, traceroute, whois, speed test.
Secure Password Generator
What is my Internet speed
Subnet calculator

Secure Password Generator

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