Proxy server

When to decide to implement a proxy server?

Depending on the industry, smaller companies often lack adequate IT staff to implement this resource.  For larger company’s IT administrators, the need is fundamental.

Inner workings of Proxy Server

The job of the proxy server is to intercept traffic destined for the Internet from within the company and an run a few diagnostics on them to ensure company security and policies are not compromised.

Another job of the proxy server is to cache frequently accessed pages and then serves them to the user.  Since proxy servers do a good job of keeping up with changes to the cached pages, the data will always be fresh.

As employers cannot really monitor staff’s communication since it might violate privacy laws, proxy server will take the job of a human in in ascertaining company policies are followed.

There are also a number of very beneficial reasons to using a proxy.  For example, many ISP’s swear they do not throttle certain bandwith intensive sites like Youtube, but unbeknownst to the level 1 support, they actually do.  Here, is when a proxy becomes very useful.  Getting access to other parts of Netflix online titles is another reason for instance.



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