Wi-Fi without Wi-Fi

Free Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Free Wi-Fi
Sample Connectify configuration

You have Internet connection and your computer is connected to it via an Ethernet cable and others in the household or in your small office have to connect to it via a switch and expensive cabling because you don’t have a Wi-Fi.  Right?  Wrong.  You do.  There is a hidden treasure in your Windows 7 that allows your computer to behave as a WAP.  In your Control Panel > Network Connections, you will see one called Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter.  This is a handy feature, especially in places where Wi-Fi is charged per connection.  You can turn your computer or laptop into a hotspot and everyone in your party can access the Internet.  To utilize this feature, you do need to download a free connctivity program or find something similar on the web.

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