World Cup 2014 Brazil

What does Soccer World Cup have to do with technology you ask?  Well, not much, but technology can enhance the experience of enjoying the World Cup in our hectic lives.  Why keep going to the Internet to see when the next match is or between which teams?  You don’t want to manually enter them into your calendar either because it just takes too much time.  Someone has already entered all the games into a calendar, so why reinvent the wheels?  Here are a few quick ways to import all the matches into your own calendar and you are done:

  1. You can download the official FIFA app to your phone.  This should have the latest info and changes.
  2. If you like ESPN, download their app.  You will probably need your cable subscription details to access.
  3. Add it to your calendar (my proffered option).  Here is how you do it: a) in your phone, go to your Calendar option and “add account”. b) select “Add Subscribed Calendar”. c) Enter “” and tap Continue.  Accept if you receive SSL warning. d) Save and you are done.

Enjoy the Word Cup starting tomorrow.



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