Reliability Monitor

If you own a computer, whether at home or in the office, you know that they are not perfect.  Although the computers believer they are.  It is common for a computer  user to experience, “freezes”, “unresponsiveness”, “crashes”, etc.   What is even more frustrating is not knowing what caused it.  Here is where a neat tool bundled with Window 7 and up come in handy.  By the way, rumors of Windows 7 and 7Up being banned in Brazil are not true.

Reliability Monitor
Reliability Monitor historical data

quickest way to get to it is by typing “Reliability Monitor” in the Search box and click on “View Reliability Monitor” after it shows up in the results.  You will see a history of reliability generated as shown in the image on the right.  The formula used to calculate the index is known to Microsoft only, so we do not know how and what are considered to generate the report.  Problems are marked with “X” on red circle and warnings are marked with exclamation on yellow and information is “i” on blue.  You can click on the x or the I to get  detailed report on the pane below.  To scroll historical data click on the left arrow.

Days that the computer was in off or sleep state are not used for the system stability index.  If there aren’t enough data, the graph line will be dotted.

If there are changes to the computer such as software updates and system time adjustments, an information icon will appear.

To view more detailed information, right-click on the item in the bottom pane and choose “view technical data”.  You can also view historical data by day or by week as you can see following the “View by:”.


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