Power Efficiency Diagnostics

Find the culprit that’s draining your laptop battery

There is yet another tucked away cool tool in Windows that will help you identify the source of your battery’s most consumers.  To use this tool you will need to open a Command Prompt as an administrator.  In the Search Programs and Files type CMD.  CMD.EXE appears in the search results.  Right click it and choose Run as administrator.  In the Command Prompt type “powercfg -energy” (without the quotes).  After serveral minutes of scanning your computer it will create a file located at C:\windows\system32\energy-report.html.  Move the file to another location and view it (Please Note, Windows will not permit you to view the file in the default location, thought I am not sure why the geniuses at Microsoft did not program the default location to be in the Documents folder instead).

You will see all errors in salmon color, warnings in lemon and information in white.  Go through and make adjustments accordingly.

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