Windows 9

belldeX, our Tucson-based company is not in the business of feeding the rumor mill.  This however, is from confirmed sources.  Hopefully, you heard it here first: Windows 9 is coming soon and here is a screenshot to prove it.



If you remember the disaster with the rolling out of Vista, you know there wasn’t a whole lot of enthusiasm withe Windows 8 either.  Most IT professionals have shunned it, though the jury is still out there.  “Start” button is back with the Windows 9 which should cause a lot of jubilation for those who missed it.

Windows 9 is said to be released in the fall of 2015, but this could very well get extended to the Winter and beyond, simply judging by past roll-outs.  We have historically been one of the evaluators of new Microsoft OS and we expect to “test” out Windows 9 before it its release.  Stay tuned and and we will keep you informed of new developments.


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